⚒️Basic Installation

1. Clone repository

Go to the Github repository page on your internet browser, and then just clone it to your computer, and then we will do more. I can recommend you use GitHub Desktop. It's really easier to clone repositories from GitHub.

Do you need more help? Read the official documentation about cloning repositories.

2. Install Visual Studio Code

Install Visual Studio Code by Microsoft, or any other code program. It will be better for you to control the code.

If you don't want to install code programs, you can just edit the config.js file in a text editor. It will be less clear, but still sufficient.

3. Create a discord bot (application)

I can recommend this documentation for creating a discord application by Edward Jones.

1. Go to the Discord Developers website, where you have your applications (projects).

We will create a new app (project) here.

2. Click the blurple button in the upper right corner with the name "New Application".

In the new pop-up, enter your app name (not the name of your future bot) After creating, you can add an avatar/icon of your app (you don't have to, actually)

3. Create a bot

Go to page "Bot"

On the "Bot" page, click the blurple button with the name "Add Bot".

If you want, you can now change the name and avatar of your true bot.

We did this step because you can now get the token of your bot on the "Bot" page.

4. Customize your config

It's time to change the config data. Go to the folder you downloaded and open the file config.js. /minecraft-bot/config.js

You can open this file with your code editor (like visual studio code) or any of the text editors. You won't have it clear (colorful) but it's time-saving.

Now, let's edit the data in our config. You need to modify the information about the bot and server. If you want, you can edit also embeds, commands aliases, auto-changing status message (statusCH) settings, and more.

If you don't understand some data, you can check out the Config data page.

5. Install the dependencies

You need to install dependencies to have the code working. Install them with the command npm install.

In Visual Studio Code, the console opens by CTRL + ;. Commands are used there.

If you are struggling to install all the necessary packages by these two commands:

npm i @discordjs/builders@0.15.0 @discordjs/rest@0.5.0 discord-api-types@0.36.1 discord.js@13.8.1 fs minecraft-motd-util@1.1.12 minecraft-server-util@5.2.10 ms@2.1.3
npm i chalk@4.1.2 quick.db@7.1.3 --save --save-exact

6. Run the bot

Well done! You are at the last step now. You need to start the code. You can run it with the command npm start or node index.js.

If you have a mistake in the config file, you should get a warning in the console.

If you don't understand something, you found a bug, or you just need help creating a new issue on the GitHub repository page.

How to invite the bot to the server?

The answer is on the FAQ here.

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