❓How to use it?

Please check out the installation page.

❓Do I need to fill in all config data?

Of course not. If you want to use all functions of this project, you would need to fill the most. You can find the necessary data on the config explanation page. They're highlighted by an asterisk *. The other data are optional.

❓How to invite the bot to my Discord server?

You can read this tutorial by Edward Jones here.

Or just enable inviteLink option in config.js to get the invite link on every bot start.

❓How can I fix ________ issue?

For troubleshooting follow these points: 1. Check if you have the latest minecraft-bot version. 2. Check if you have installed all the dependencies with versions listed in the package.json file. If this does not help, try to install the latest dev minecraft-bot version, available here.

For reporting an issue or getting human help: 1. Go to GitHub repository issues and check if someone already reported the bug/issue. 2. If not, create a new bug/issue report. For a faster response, you can visit our Discord support server, here.

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