Config Explanation

*Required field



The token is a unique key to your bot. Code needs it to log in as your bot.
Don't know how and where to find the bot token? Read this.


A prefix is something that you attach before every command. Most bots have one, which helps to reduce RAM usage and you can have multiple bots with the same commands, but different prefixes. Like !help, ?meme, or /info
You can enter any character. The most popular are ? ! , . / > ;.


Status is activity text below your name. You can publicly share what you are doing right now with your status. Share what game you're playing, what song you're listening to, and what stream you're watching.
You can type here "Minecraft", "" or something like that.
Status & type editing
If you don't put anything in there, bot status will be disabled!
You don't choose here the activity type, like "playing" or "listening"!
You can also use here {onlinePlayers} and {maxPlayers}.
It's important to enable autoStatus to update this data in period.


If you want to use the status function, you need to choose the activity type.
This project supports these types:


If you will not specify the activity type, it will be changed to the "playing" type.
If you will specify an unsupported activity type, it will disable the bot status function totally.



Your server name. Like "Hypixel". This is the only string for embeds. That means, that you can enter really anything.


Type (edition) of your server. You can type here only "bedrock" or "java".

IP address

The IP address of your Minecraft server. Do not enter a port here. Enter something like "" IP is important for this project. We need it for getting data from your server. Like how many players are playing right now.


The port of your Minecraft server. You don't really need to fill in the port, but if you have a server with not the default port (java 25565, bedrock 19132) the code wouldn't connect to your server and get data from it. If you will not specify the port, it will be automatically replaced with the default port, depending on your server type.


Icon link of your Minecraft server. If you don't want to place the author icon in embeds as Discord's server icon, you can specify there the link of your own icon.
Icon link must include the protocol type (HTTP, HTTPS) at the start. And the project supports only png, jpg, webp, gif types.


Vote link of your Minecraft server. It's not required, but if you want to use the vote command, which gives to the user vote link you need to specify this string in config. Example:




Ready Scan



Status (StatusCH)



The voting channel is a channel in Discord guild. This project (bot) can give like 👍 and dislike 👎 emoji reactions to every new message in the voting channel.
All messages starting with the prefix, won't receive any reactions.
Member with "MANAGE_MESSAGES" permission and message author can delete reactions in 30 seconds (by default) with a new reaction ❌ added.


Time for how long it will take to delete the cancel reaction (default ❌).


There are 3 reactions:
  1. 1.
    Positive vote (default 👍)
  2. 2.
    Negative vote (default 👎) (not filling emoji in the field - skips straight to 3. reaction)
  3. 3.
    Cancel button (default ❌)
You can add
  • Browser emojis (The character, showing whatever image would be native for the browser.) 😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😆😉😊😋😎😍😘🥰😗
  • Custom discord server emojis (Custom emojis you uploaded to a Discord server.) <:name:ID> like <:HeyGuys:578715444047904775>

Guild ID

The ID of your guild, where you want to have a voting channel.
Watch this tutorial on YouTube to know how to copy the ID of a user, channel, or guild.

Channel ID

The ID of your channel, where you want to have voting messages.
Watch this tutorial on YouTube to know how to copy the ID of a user, channel, or guild.



Guild ID

The ID of your guild, where you want to have a channel with an auto-changing status message.

Channel ID

The ID of your channel, where you want to have the auto changing status message. *Copy the channel ID by right-clicking on the channel and then clicking 'Copy ID'




If you want to adjust the commands aliases, you can.
Commands aliases editing
You can also disable some commands;
Command settings (config)
Change the value to false to disable the command. Change the value to true to enable the command.